Monday, January 21, 2008


Almost four weeks old, the puppies are thriving and I’m surviving. Born the day after Christmas, three American Eskimo puppies—Christmas, Star and Noel—came to me two days later. Getting the right milk replacer and the right quantity figured out was an education in itself. Then there was finding the right equipment like bottles and nipples to fit their needs. Many hours of guessing, second guessing and hand wringing later I think the puppies are going to grow into healthy dogs in spite of my clumsy inexperience.

They are precious and cute. All the time and effort are worth seeing them grow and change and turn into rolly polly growling, barking critters that can eat incredible amounts of food and get rid of as much in incredible amounts. “Cleanliness is next to godliness” so I’ve heard and to keep these puppies next to godliness is a moment by moment vigil. We bought a new washing machine just 2 months ago and I think I’ve already put the first 10,000 miles on it easy. How many gallons of detergent and bleach? I’ve lost count.

Fostering is my passion for now. Exhaustion at 2 weeks into this bunch may have dampened my passion a bit but I’m back on 8 hours of sleep at night and the task of finishing the course looks manageable. These pups are transitioning from formula to solid food and of course there’s another mountain of washing to keep this project close to godliness because the little buggers can slime their entire quarters in split seconds wallowing the stuff around.

They are perfect and a delight. I’ll report more as we progress.

- Connie

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liz m said...

Awww...they are so cute!!