Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Texas is not the only state where attempts are being made to compromise the teaching of science with religious views. Yesterday, I received this appeal from Florida Citizens for Science who has launched a call to action project titled, “All I Want ... is a Good Science Education.” The appeal was addressed to the Clergy Letter Project:

“Florida has become the most recent battleground in the war between science and a narrow sectarian religious view of the world. The battle is over the new Sunshine State Science Standards, which are currently being completed, because the Theory of Evolution is fully integrated in them. Some folks disagree with these standards wanting evolution to be removed form the standard or more often for teachers to “teach alternatives” or to teach “evolution and its weaknesses”. By teaching “alternatives” they mean “Intelligent Design”. Intelligent Design says that life must have had a designer. The proponents will not publicly state who the designer must be, but privately speak of the Christian God. These folks are motivated by religious views and see a conflict between evolution and their religious faith.

“There is no conflict between faith in God and science. But those opposed to this view continue to shout it in public and try to get decision makers to accept the idea. These folks wish to impose their faith on everyone.

“Florida Citizens for Science is a group of ordinary citizens here in Florida whose mission is to improve the teaching of science in Florida. We are working to insure that the State School Board approves these new science standards. We ask for your help.

“You as people of faith can counter the mistaken belief that there is a conflict between faith and science. You and I believe, in the words of the
Clergy Letter Project that “… the timeless truths of the Bible and the discoveries of modern science may comfortably coexist.” Today it is not enough to believe these truths, but we must express them to the members of the State School Board and other state education leaders. I ask that you write a letter or otherwise contact these Florida education leaders, stating your beliefs, before February 19, 2008, when the Board is expected to vote on the standards. We must stand up for our beliefs or this opportunity to improve science education for our children and for the future of Florida will be lost.

“You can find a list of contact information for the State Board at or

“Joe Wolf, President
Florida Citizens for Science”

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