Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Pay attention! Something special has happened in our country. An African American won in Iowa and a woman won in New Hampshire. Talk about change!

Yes, it has been far too long in coming. But it wouldn’t have happened in 2008 without what happened in 1964.

Looking Back: On July 2, 1964, the Civil Rights Act was
landmark legislation outlawing segregation in schools and public places. First conceived to address racial segregation, the word “sex” was added at the last moment. Representative Howard W. Smith (D-VA) added the word. Some said that this conservative southern opponent of civil rights did so to kill the entire bill. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The bill was passed, not killed. The bill also created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Hats off to the Civil Rights and Woman's Rights movements, and to President LBJ, for making it happen.

Tonight’s victory for Hillary and last week’s for Barack was one more step in fulfilling the promise of that legislation. Go on and cheer! I’ll bet Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Matilda Gage, and the other pioneers of the
American Woman’s Rights Movement are cheering, both for Clinton and Obama, because the victories of both were victories for them. From wherever they are watching, I suspect that the ladies are also waiting to see what will happen when the other 48 states have their say.

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