Thursday, January 24, 2008


How important a particular battle is in a war is rarely visible until after it is over. There is a battle going on right this minute that may be critical for our liberty. No, it is not in Iraq or Afghanistan; it is in Washington in the U.S. Senate. I don’t see retroactive immunity for big telecom companies on any of the headlines of this evening’s news broadcasts, but it just may be one of those key places to which we will one day point as the turning point--for good or ill--in the effort to recover precious civil liberties.

Yesterday, I sent the following letter to Senators McCain, Obama, and Clinton, pleading with them to take time off the campaign trail to take their places in the battle in the Senate:

January 23, 2008

You want to be our President, but we need your leadership today as a Senator.

I'm writing today to urge you in the strongest terms possible NOT to support retroactive immunity for big telecom companies that helped the Bush administration spy on Americans without warrants. America needs you to leave the campaign trail and return to Washington to support a potential filibuster by Senator Dodd to protect our civil liberties in the wiretapping bill and stop retroactive immunity.

Letting big telecoms off the hook for their wrongdoing would derail the pursuit of justice in the ongoing investigations of the wiretapping scandal. Ongoing lawsuits are vital in bringing to light the role of the Bush administration in spying on its own citizens, and granting amnesty would render those cases moot.

We cannot allow there to be two standards for justice in America; retroactive immunity for the telecoms would severely undermine the rule of law. We need you to do everything in your power to stop this pernicious legislation.

Please support Senator Dodd in his efforts to ensure that any FISA updates keep Bush and the telecoms accountable and protect our civil liberties, while working toward the common goal of protecting America.

We need you in Washington for this fight. Are the Fourth Amendment and the rule of law important to you? Will you leave the campaign trail and join Senator Dodd for this fight?

I look forward to your response to my letter.

In you need more information follow the link above and find out more about the issue. You’ll find the phone numbers of Senators to call. The critical vote may come on Monday afternoon. Don’t let it pass without having your voice heard. It may be one of those moments.
- Milo

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