Saturday, January 19, 2008


With these words, the congregation at Turnagain United Methodist Church in Anchorage will be called to worship on Sunday.

CONGREGATION: O God, we come as we are.
Each of us is a collection of
mixed vegetables in a pot.
You made us in your image
in a soup of laughter and tears
with a few years on this earth
to make it all come together.
When it does come together it is to your glory.
It is your love that is the broth.
It is your forgiveness that makes harmony
between our inner vegetables,
and your joy that is the aroma of our stewing.

LITURGIST: We are a people of the soup
and the kingdom of God is like a crock pot
and some of us show a little more crock than others
but we all belong and are called to service
in God’s soup kitchen of life.

CONGREGATION: O Lord, bless this soup of our service,
and us to your use.
Make us m-m, m-m good
as our transformed imperfections
are lifted up in final glory
as the secret ingredient of your recipe of grace.

Makes me wish I were there to sample the soup! Thanks, Jim!

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