Saturday, January 12, 2008


From Darrel:
I see forgiveness as a process of letting go, a continuum of gaining freedom that comes with accepting what life has brought and letting go of blame, anger and hurt attached to that past.

When we reach for and grip forgiveness, we also release love as we could never love before. Forgiveness is one of Christ's underrated teachings. Christ saw the power of forgiveness so clearly.

Why can't we?

In our media culture we celebrate victims and underrate survivors. Sometimes we think that if we punish ourselves for the sins of others, they will be paid back because we are hurting so much.

But that gets it backwards and it never works. This choice looses valuable time that we can never recover.

Forgiveness is choosing to not be a victim. Forgiveness is choosing to move forward, to hold the future firmly, abandon the pain of the past and to turn that pain into something good.

The freedom that comes through forgiveness is a special event. Celebrate it, one way or the other, like a holiday, because that is what it is.

What journey of forgiveness do you need to begin?
What piece of hurt, anger or blame can you let go of today?
What holiday can you celebrate as a result?
What good can you give away to others as love?

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Cathy said...

Forgiveness is the fragrance flowers give when trampled upon"

Forgiveness is an act of MERCY,
it does not contradict the need for JUSDTICE.

Forgiveness is an act of the WILL,
not of the EMOTIONS.
It is a CHOICE, not a FEELING.