Saturday, February 2, 2008


On January 23rd, Tammy told her story here about “waking up in a different world,” having to come to terms with her realization that, although married with children and a member of a church that condemned homosexuality, she was lesbian. Daniel offers these reflections on her story.

A few people know who they are right from the get go. Secure and confidentin their beliefs, they sail right on through life and are often mystifiedby the majority of us who struggle to answer the question, "who and whatam I."

These questions occupy all sorts of spaces in our hearts and minds. Theyare about values, lifestyles, careers, spouses, sexual orientations, etc.,all seeking peace with the various bits and pieces of ourselves.

For the more introspective of us, this is a life long journey of discoveryand change. And as time passes we often surprise ourselves with thediscoveries we make and the changes we choose. What we think we arechanges with time, experience and the willingness to look deeper as webecome more courageous.

Waking up to a different world makes great sense to me. For most of us,this journey starts out trying to fit in, and to be like others. And wecan trick ourselves into believing that we can will our differences away.Then one morning we wake up and realize we are who we are and willing, nomatter how strong, is not going to change something fundamental.

Waking up is reconciling with who we are, as we are.

My rancher friends are not surprised with this story. They see a fewcattle and sheep strongly attracted to their own sex and laugh at theirclumsy attempts to woo those who will not be wooed. They realize thatpeople are just the same.

So I think this is a simple aspect of God's creation, that some of us arecreated interested in our own sex and this poses awkward situations thatwe have to reconcile. But if we look at the fullness of creation andappreciate its diversity in its beauty and mystery, then attractions tothe same sex is just another way of having the same kind of fun.

What I hope we all discover in the journey of relationships is true loveof each person's essence and commitment shared by two people. Those whofind it receive one of the greatest gifts on earth. And if we see God aslove, then perhaps we have touched and experienced one essence of God.

Thanks, Daniel!

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