Monday, February 25, 2008


What do Ralph Nader and Eugene McCarthy have in common? Their presidential candidacies contributed mightily to victories by two of the worst Presidents in the history of the country: George Bush (2000) and Richard Nixon (1968).

Eugene McCarthy’s primary victories pushed Johnson to withdraw from the race, but he was unable to win the nomination. I believe his refusal to support Humphrey in the general election was the aid that gave Nixon victory. I respected McCarthy for his fight against Johnson, but my respect turned to great disappointment and anger when he allowed himself to become the nominee of the anti-war “New Party.” It wasn’t the votes he received in the few states where he was on the ballot, but his failure to support the Democratic nominee.

Only what I call the “demonic power of ego” would lead these two men, who are/were clearly not Republicans, to think so highly of themselves that they risked the nation’s future for self-gratification. Nader’s claim that the 2000 election was stolen by Jeb Bush, the Secretary of State, and the Supreme Court is a feeble defense of the disaster he helped create.

Yes, I was depressed to hear that Nader was entering this year’s presidential race, but in my better moments I told myself that he wouldn’t be the spoiler this year. I would like to know what you think. Let me know.
- Milo

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