Tuesday, February 1, 2011

News on the Janus Canine Front

Dooby (aka "Ike" in the top picture) is the Catahoula mix who came to us as a very sick three month old I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. He had a serious infection and we feared he might not make it through the weekend. We took him back to the shelter to be checked. The vet took him home for the weekend where she could give him special care. He made it through the weekend and then a knowledgable veterinary technician took him home and has been caring for him. He has made amazing progress, but his white blood count is still too high. The folks at the Humane Society of Redmond are amazingly sensitive to the issue of not perpetuating an animal's suffering just to keep it alive. They also do not have some of the more high powered equipment and medicines that are available in other places. But as long as Dooby is responding to the treatment and full recovery looks possible, they are not giving up on him. My hat's off to them!

Nala the hero dog responsible for the rescue of another canine freezing to death, has still not been adopted. I don't understand it. She is a pit bull mix, is not what most would call pretty, and is black. She does well with other male dogs but is not good with other females. Many have come to see about adopting her, but so far have all gone away without her. Alan Borland, who paid attention to her tugs that icy day to find Chadwick,walks dogs at the shelter every day. He told me that she is wonderful, and he would know. He is also baffled, but is confident that when the person comes who is worthy of Nala, she will find her "forever" home.

Shasta is a Cairn Terrier so-named to remind us that she came from south of here. After a rough ride from Klamath Falls and two weeks at the shelter, Shasta gave birth to two puppies: Murdock and Gregor. Another foster home was not available at the time and so they came home with us. They've had to battle kennel cough but are doing well. Shasta is a wonderful mother and the puppies are getting fat (as they should at this point). 

News from Alaska: Well, it was news to me, but probably not to many folks who live on the Kenai Peninsula. I had heard about kids reading to trained dogs to help the kids read better, and I think such programs great; but I had not heard of reading to rescued dogs for their benefit. Not until a good friend on the Kenai told me what was happening there:
"They can sit in by the kennel and read to the dogs and it is for the dog's benefit (of course it's good for kids too). It's helpful in socializing them and calming them as well. (depending on the story of course) The program is just starting in Kenai at the shelter. Christie worked with a young dog today for the first time when we were there and I think she's a bit of a dog whisperer."
I'm eager to know more. What can you tell me?

That's the news on the Janus Canine Front. Have a great day! Woof and wag your tails at your friends!
 - Milo

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