Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My apologies for being out of touch since last Thursday. Friday night I had an unexpected visit to the Emergency Room at our local hospital. I have seen Emergency Medical Technicians work on others, but I had never seen them from the patient’s perspective. After my wife’s 911 call, I have a new more existential respect for the work they do. The EMT in charge told me everything he and the team were doing. He briefed the folks in ER both on the way and after we got there.

When I was a pastor, I spent a lot of time in ER with other people, and was always grateful for the compassionate and professional way the staff did their jobs. Being the object of their attention early Saturday morning gave me another perspective, and increased the appreciation I already had. Although we do not yet know the cause of the episode that took me on that journey, we are on searching. That’s why I’ve not been in touch. I hope to be back to my regular postings tomorrow.

On Saturday I had a long list of people to whom I was and am deeply grateful, beginning with my wife.
- Milo

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Anonymous said...

Oh My! I sure hope you are feeling better! I found you blogs and have been thoroughly enjoying all your writtings.